The most preferred topic of EVELYN KUWERTZ figurativ paintings is the CITYSPACES – and IMAGES of MAN. Her pictures revolve around human existence in an urban environment. The BERLIN CITYSCAPES become exemplary subjects, which she transforms into metaphors of time and the ephemeral. Stylistically, it can be assigned to free figuration and realism. The Berlin cityscapes were created over a period of 20 years and show the changing face of the city.

Paintings and Drawings


Tube Hallesches Tor 1983, 80/120 cm, aquarell / paper

Railway station Hallesches Tor Berlin 1983, 80/120 cm, water color / paper Bütten


Helgoland 1984, 80/120 cm, charcoal drawing / paper

Seascape 1985, 80/120 cm, charcoal drawing / Bütten


Mouvement cities 1987, 150/200 cm, tempera, oil / canvas

Mouvement Hamburger railway station 1995, 150/200 cm, tempera, oil / canvas

Berlin after reunification 1989 – 99

Esplanade, Potsdamer Platz 1993, 80/120 cm, tempera / paper Bütten

Esplanade 1993, 100/100 cm, tempera / paper

Potsdam 1997

Potsdam 1997, 80/120 cm, acryl / paper Bütten

Potsdam 1997, 80/100 cm, acryl / paper

Paintings and Drawings Themes 2000


Méditation Matinale 02.01.2018, 20/20 cm, oil / canvas

1) midi-pyréneés

European cities

Toulouse 2002, 80/80 cm, tempera, oil / canvas

2) Toulouse


Répétition 2005 -Sacre du printemps- ballet de l‘opera Toulouse, 40/60 cm, screen printing, acryl / paper



Mouvement 2009 | 70 / 100cm, acryl / paper

4) Bewegung Stadt

Portrait 2011

Portrait 2019, 45/35 cm, acryl, oil / canvas


I would like to refer to the website, which shows an overview of my work since 2000 until today. My interest in the city continues in pictures about European cities. The representation of people in motion is expanded and the subject of portrait in is linked again. Inspired by stays in the south-west of France, nature observation EN found its way into my oeuvre.