Berlin Cityscapes

Maueröffnung am Potsdamer Platz 9. November 1989 | 30/100cm, Tempera, Öl / Leinwand

Wall opening Potsdamer Platz November 9, 1989 | 30/100 cm, tempera, oil / canvas


Construction site Potsdamer Platz 1992 – 1995 | 100/400 cm, 4-piece, eitempera, oil / canvas

The dynamic development of the new city center is no longer documented solely through photographs or one's own perception. Thanks to the Berlin artist Evelyn Kuwertz, who was born in Austria, we see the untidy bearer of hopes for urban planning Potsdamer Platz with completely different eyes ... “The bottom is turned upwards, the inside is turned outwards, only the present exists. The question arises as to the nature of change and forgetting, ”writes the artist about her own emotions when the picture was created. And the present is already far away from this moment, the lakes have disappeared, the skyscrapers have grown out of the pits, the first offices have been moved into.

RAST, Berliner Morgenpost 01.02.1998
Mouvement 2014, 150/150 cm, acrylic / canvas

Mouvement 2014, 150/150 cm, acrylic / canvas

I would like to refer to the website, which shows an overview of my work since 2000 until today. My interest in the city continues in pictures about European cities. The representation of people in motion is expanded and the subject of portrait in is linked again. Inspired by stays in the south-west of France, nature observation EN found its way into my oeuvre.